Vintage Campari


    Step back in time with Inka Arthouse's Vintage Print Collection, featuring iconic works by celebrated artists. Our curated selection highlights the charm and nostalgia of vintage art, from classic advertisements to timeless illustrations. Discover pieces that capture the essence of bygone eras, each print chosen to evoke a sense of history and artistic excellence

    Discover The Timeless Appeal Of Vintage Art Prints

    Retro art prints come in many forms. From vintage travel posters, to art deco prints, to classic vintage illustrations, all the vintage art you’ll find here at Inka Arthouse embody the retro appeal of bygone eras. 

    Vintage wall art in your home can add real character and showcase your personality, especially in new-builds or ultra-contemporary apartments. Bring some depth into your space without weighing down your interior design, with these vintage prints and posters that still retain contemporary value.

    Round off harsh architectural lines with sleek silhouettes found in art nouveau prints such as Bernard Villemot’s famed ‘Rouge Campari’ or a vintage poster from esteemed French artist Henri Matisse.

    Celebrating The Unique Charm of Vintage Wall Art

    Discover the distinct techniques and styles of vintage art, such as intricate illustrations and classic advertisements, that evoke a sense of history and nostalgic appeal in even the most modern spaces.

    The clean lines of Bernard Villemot’s ‘Orange Bally Man’ and playful shapes of ‘Bouvard Paris Poster’ will add colour, vibrancy and a dynamic edge to any space. Our vintage art for sale is a perfect blend of history and creative expression, making them a great choice for any gift buyer, art collector or home decorator.

    Pair with canvas prints from our selection of upcoming Australian artists for a visually arresting, culturally rich landscape on the walls of your home.

    Versatile Vintage Canvas Prints For A Range Of Interior Decor Styles

    Upgrade your home bar, trendy cafe or youthful bedroom with stylish vintage advertisement prints of all-the-rage products from decades past. Pick your own favourites for a truly customised house-warming or birthday gift.

    Invite conversation with charming art deco, end of Victorian era prints including the 1918 or 1920 Vogue Magazine Cover, a playful blend of vintage illustration and modern interests. Or, choose statement-making mid-century modern prints such as ‘Monte Carlo Girl’ and ‘Campari Woman’, culturally significant at the time for their provocative displays of the female form.

    Choosing & Caring Well For Your Antique Prints

    When bringing a sense of nostalgic sophistication into your space, consider the room’s existing colour palette and ambience. Choose vintage prints that compliment these themes, to create an environment that feels fresh, rather than dated.

    Once you’ve had your canvas art or vintage framed prints shipped with ease to your doorstep, hang them up out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. But should your vintage art prints start to dull, we’ll replace them under our lifetime print guarantee, to keep them looking as rich and vibrant as the stories they tell.