Lifetime Print Guarantee

Lifetime Print Guarantee

Here at Inka Arthouse we stand behind the quality of our products. We endeavour to source the best quality printing products available to us in Australia. So, we can confidently provide our customers with a lifetime quality guarantee of our prints.


We take our printing very seriously. We endeavour to source the best quality printing products available to us. So, we can confidently guarantee the quality of our prints.

Because of this, we offer our no hassle Lifetime Guarantee for all of our printed products. If at any time you are not satisfied with the quality of the finished print product we provided, simply email us at to speak with someone in our Customer Care department. 

Inka Arthouse is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best products and service. Therefore, we will reprint and replace any print that has faded, desaturated or worn.


Important Notice

At our sole discretion, we will either reprint or refund your order in accordance with the terms outlined below.

Please understand that we cannot be liable for anything other than the things that are within our control. Please carefully review the items that are not covered under this guarantee:

  • Low quality files/images affect the finished print product and cause the print quality to appear inferior. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide hi-resolution images and print files.
  • Any damage to the frame or frame glass 48 hours after delivery.
  • General user error in selecting a product for order, to include improperly selected: print size, quantity, finish or product.
  • Incorrect shipping information provided by the customer.  
  • Damages and water damages that occurred after the product was delivered and not brought to our attention 48 hours after delivery.
  • Duplicate orders placed in error by the customer.

We reserve the right to request that you return the entire order at our cost of shipping, prior to reprints or refunds issuance. The guarantee value is limited to the reprint of the product, or a refund of the original purchase price.  We are not responsible for any costs associated with a delay in receipt of the order, which include damages and/or claims incurred by you or your business as a result of the any delay.  We are not liable for damages or claims caused by receiving printed materials that are defective, incomplete or items that are delivered after the estimated delivery date. 

If you are still unclear as to whether an order you have placed qualifies for this guarantee, please contact our Customer Care Team at