Edward Hopper



    Edward Hopper is widely acknowledged as the most important realist painter of twentieth-century America. But his vision of reality was a selective one, reflecting his own temperament in the empty cityscapes, landscapes, and isolated figures he chose to paint. His work demonstrates that realism is not merely a literal or photographic copying of what we see, but an interpretive rendering.

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    Edward Hopper was born in 1882 to a middle-class New York family. He was a proponent of the realist art style and arguably the most influential figure in American Realism, which aimed to depict life as it really was in the 20th century.

    Edward Hopper depicted both urban and rural scenes in his art. When you browse Edward Hopper's canvas prints, you’ll find subject matters ranging from storefronts on a Sunday morning, to rural New England towns. 

    Some of Edward Hopper’s most well-known artwork includes Nighthawks, Early Sunday Morning and House By The Railroad. 

    Distinguishing Characteristics Of Edward Hopper Art Prints

    Edward Hopper’s art broke away from the Modernism styles popular with many artists such as Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gogh at the time. Hopper aimed to depict ordinary life with his artwork. Hopper’s ‘Gas’, for instance, uses a humble gas station as its subject matter. 

    And yet, Edward Hopper’s art contains intriguing depictions of loneliness. Hopper’s most iconic work, ‘Nighthawks’, shows three people with vacant expressions sitting silently in a dark cafe. One of Hopper’s most commonly bought pieces of wall art, it shows a masterful use of light and shade to depict urban isolation. 

    Why Choose Framed Edward Hopper Prints

    A framed Edward Hopper print is a fantastic choice if you’re trying to create an introspective atmosphere in your space. Hopper prints like ‘Automat’ and ‘Chop Suey’ bring depth to any room, capable of making a large statement with deceptively ‘simple’ subjects.

    If you’re shopping for best-selling art prints for a home study or workspace, choose Edward Hopper, to foster a calm atmosphere that equally invites reflection and thoughtfulness.

    Many also choose to hang Edward Hopper prints in their rooms because of their historical significance, given his prominence in the American Realism movement. 

    Select & Protect Your Edward Hopper Wall Art

    When choosing an Edward Hopper print, consider the room’s existing decor to get the most out of your print. Hopper’s artwork veers towards the melancholy, making it great for moody bars, creative studies or dark interiors.

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